Follow your INTUITON and your life will change forever!

via Daily Prompt: Premonition

Intuition, premonition, feeling something’s not right without knowing why exactly…We all have it. WE ALL HAVE INTUITION. The question is: How often do you use it in your life? How often do you allow it to speak and how often do you listen to it?

Yes, we are all intuitive creatures, but we totally forgot about it or some people don’t even know what is it about. Do you know that feeling when you have a strong premonition to do sth or absolutely not to do something? For example, someone invites you somewhere and you feel that this is not the best option(because maybe you don’t even like that person) or sth inside tell you that you just shouldn’t go there but then you say YES anyway, ignoring this inner voice. You said yes for example because you don’t want to be forgotten in the group or been judged as a boring person or maybe you will get some benefits after going there. This is when your EGO comes on stage and it tells you: you have to go, everyone will be there, you have to show yourself there, you will gain sth for yourself if you go, maybe someone will notice you. Ego has lots of false arguments up in its sleeve and always tries to protect itself.

So then, you decide to go and guess how you feel there? Yes, not well at all. You start doubting yourself, your choices, your confidence, and plenty of depressing thoughts can come up and you don’t enjoy your time. It is simply because you act in contradiction to what you truly want. You cannot really cheat yourself, even though ego uses such convincing excuses. Deep inside you know it was wrong decision.


So, what would of happened if you decide to listen to your intuition? How would it feel to just go with your flow, with all your feelings, not against them? You start aligning with your soul’s true desires and guidelines. Your soul, your higher-self, your inner wisdom, it always knows what is best for you. But nowadays we are so detached from ourselves that we barely can hear these voices or they are so subtle (comparing with screaming out loud egos voice) so we totally ignore it. So it is not surprise that such a suffering takes place in the world now. We totally detached ourselves from our emotions, we are ashamed of them even and pretend not to see them, we just simple ignore our souls, sentencing it to struggle. As you know we are all energy and we are built of universal energy and going against this powerful energy how can we win? How can we be happy, by creating so much resistance to ourselves and to this cosmic energy in us that try to lead us in a good direction? It is like you are the Sisyphus pushing the stone up the hill, there’s no chance to happy end there.


Thus, by listening to your inner voice you finally start to listen to God speaking through you, whose answers are always clear and you know what to do. When ego tries to give you answer you straight away know because it is chaotic and you start overthinking the answer, considering  a few different options and you become lost. It needs courage to listen to your intuition because it means that you’re gonna trust yourself no matter what other people think of you, because intuition very often gives you the answers or desires to do sth totally unusual or in unusual way so it does need your braveness. It is actually like a muscle that you can start growing. At the beginning it is deeply buried underneath all your chaotic thought patterns, expectations, unreleased emotions etc. But slowly after digging out all of those above, step by step it becomes stronger. You can start with really small things in your daily life, which seems not to really matter. Start observing your thoughts, tricks and traps that ego tries to tell you, only by noticing them you can change them and become stronger then them.

Start today and you will see little results. Results of aligning yourself to your souls’s path. Every soul has its unique path that it chosen before coming here to the Earth. Your life in fact is to fulfil your soul’s path. Only by doing that you can grow yourself higher and higher. Then, your life is changing so much, you become leaded by the universal intelligence. If you flow with this energy life really becomes easier, suddenly by listening to your voice miraculous ‘coincidences’ happen. For example when you are choosing your studies, everything inside you tells you to choose Interior Design studies because you feel passionate about it but because being an engineer sounds so proud and your parents would love you to be a doctor or lawyer so you ditch your inner voice and choose the subject totally not synchronised with your souls’s path and you simply struggle to accomplish and finish your education degree for few years and afterwards you feel burnt out and in no way you can use this knowledge in your life. Then you feel desperate, not fulfilled at all. Deep suffering occurs and you are lost.


You can start manifesting beautiful things and situations for yourself, just try. It doesn’t cost nothing, it is for everyone and everywhere, no exceptions. Yes, it may seem difficult at first, but the results of this hard work is INCOMPARABLY GRATER than the effort you have to put into it.

Have you ever thought where the intuition lives in the body? In your guts! that’s why you will feel your tummy protesting when you act against your intuition. “TRSUT YOU GUTS”, finally makes sense, right?

START DIGGING DEEPER and uncover your voice of wisdom 🙂




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