I think I have awaken around one year ago maybe a bit more. Awakening to something more in life. I think it is getting out from your ‘sleep’. Your personal very cosy and comfortable sleep, where you seem not to notice your thoughts, your anger, your jealousy, your blaming others for everything instead yourself, etc. In general you feel as a victim and that life is a struggle and a punishment for you. You identify yourself with every thought of yours, with others’ criticism and your own as well and if you want it or not this way of living sooner or later brings you some sort of pain.


On the energy level it looks like that. The negative thoughts and all so called ‘negative’ emotions and actions create in your brain and heart very low vibrational energies flowing through you and outside you. You simply radiating with low frequencies. As we know (or no) everything is energy. Everything was created by energies and is energy itself in a various forms. So if you, being sending the low vibrations through your negativism and victimisation, criticism, hatred, jealousy, fear etc. you will surely attract the same sort of energy for you. You are like a magnet pulling the desired energies towards you.

Let’s say your emotion and feeling is like a prayer to God. So if you constantly create prayer consisting of fear based emotions, it is like you asking for it. God (the source of overall energy) will send exactly what you asking for. That’s why the sentence ” If you want to change the world, first change yourself” makes so much sense for me, finally. Before my awakening it didn’t really make sense for me. And this is simpler than you think. Just start sending the God energies which you desire to get back.



In your heart try to create the feeling and emotion as if that desired result was already in you, with you. So if you want for example more love from life, first give this love to yourself. Try to imagine, or rather feel how it would be to be really fully loved. You can even hug yourself to create more of this feeling. Just try and observe how you feel at that moment. Practising self love like that is actually really healing and very pleasant experience. Here, another sentence come to my mind. It didn’t make so much sense to me before as well. “To love others first you need to love yourself”. If you’re not sending love to yourself then what are you expecting to get back? That is also a reason of various diseases.
Here, I also come to conclusion that we are surrounded by such wise sentences like those above but we completely under-estimating them and nowadays they just became old, cliché phrases that we don’t even take a second to rethink them.

So this not about world being really unfair and brutal. This is us, not using the prayer and not living properly. We just simply don’t know the simple rules of nature, we don’t know the mechanism. We have isolated ourselves so much from the nature that we even forgot we are made from it and that our body is pure nature and it is govern by nature.

There are several Laws of Nature which I describe in the next post, which are really worth to look at and really sink deep into.

Think about it, Hopefully you will notice accuracy between what is said here and how your life looks like. Try to observe the negative patterns in you that you constantly send out to the God. And when there is some negative situations going on in your life, go back and analyse if it’s not maybe your fault and you responsibility for them to occur because you’ve been sending the wrong prayer?

Tell me your point of view 🙂 Lots of love!





  1. Most people who talk about karma or similar things don’t make God part of that but it’s so refreshing that you do. I know you don’t mention the word karma but it’s a similar concept. I agree with your thoughts. The Bible says “love your neighbor as yourself.” To me, that means we need to love ourselves first.

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    1. Thank you for comment. Yea, going with the concept that God is everywhere and in everything it means It is also in us and by not loving ourselves we simply show our lack of love for God and for ‘his’ creations that WE ARE?
      Then with this attitude we ‘pray’ for not being loved and because God listen to us always, ‘he’ fulfill our praying.

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