How the God looks like?

What is God? Who is God?

It was a big question for me for which I couldn’t find the answer for long time. Now I came to the realisation that it is not the old man sitting far away ‘upstairs’ watching us and threatening us with the finger. There is something more profound than that.


Everything in the world is made of energy, e v e r y t h i n g ! Even us, we are the bunches of energies that create our bodies, actually a few bodies that we have, which currently not many of us see. Mental body, emotional body, astral body… we’ve got them all, but in current days most of them are not developed properly or not accordingly to the God’s energy. So yes, God has ‘his’ own energy, and even more God is THE energy. This energy is the purest, the highest version of possible energy, the energy from which everything else is being created. That’s why we also call God the Creator. Those highest energies have the particular vibration, frequency which is equivalent to energy of unconditional love, gratitude and compassion. We can enter these frequencies by improving ourselves and developing and mastering our emotions and feelings by heading towards love, toward God.


God, the first energy, wants to show us people how it works and how we can become a reflections of these pure vibrations. Thats’s why he sent souls to the Planet Earth to show us examples. One of them is Jesus Christ. He’s been sent to us to manifest all the God’s plans and intentions for humanity. He wanted people to follow his guidelines, his lessons and advice to become our greatest versions of ourselves. He wanted us to follow our hearts and overcome the ego’s desires and greediness.


Have we understood it properly? Looking at the religion situation at the world now, I don’t think so. People became creating dogmas, opinions about it and start taking the particular religions as something personal and something that you need to fight for and offend no matter what. We are fighting whose faith is better, more important. It is even close nowadays to start the religious war…


The concept of Heaven and Hell? It depends on you where you heading to. Living by the God’s plan and becoming the better YOU leads you to God, so called heaven. If during your current life (I assume you believe in reincarnation) you didn’t learnt the particular lessons that Got wanted you to learn, you didn’t follow the love and compassion and just simply you didn’t reach the particular level of God’s consciousness, then after your death you will reincarnate again and become the life again in so called Hell (Earth), the place with lower frequencies than the ‘Heaven’ and you will have to learn your lessons again. The same lessons that you haven’t learnt in your previous life. It leads us also to the conclusion, the more you develop your consciousness and vibrations in this life the better chance you have to be born in more conscious family or richer family in the next life, where the access for this knowledge is potentially easier then in poor family where you struggle for example with money and your life can become Hell.  If followed the God’s energy in your life, you observed yourself and worked on it, and developed your consciousness to the required level, after your death you will come back home, meaning you will come back to God, to Heaven. Your vibrations are high enough to stay with the God. Your soul have learnt the lessons and understand who you truly are. You don’t need to reincarnate again.

In quite a big short that’s how I feel it.

What do you think? Who is God for you?



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