Your disease is a BLESSING! Use it to UNDERSTAND YOURSELF

Have you ever wondered why some diseases happen to some people and to others not? Mind you, we are all built from the same biological material…so why is it like that?

So you think you’re have a serious disease which want to kill you as quickly as possible and that world and life is unfair because it happens just to you and you don’t understand why? Stay with me and I will calm you down 🙂 So, actually this kind of situation is working for your good and you just need to understand that and open your mind for new ideas, proposals of unconventional thinking. This powerful knowledge have always existed but for some reasons was thoroughly hidden from us …

First of all, it does not happen just to you. Do you know how many people have enormous variety of diseases, symptoms, unpleasant conditions, etc. We all struggle with some sort of them, wondering why life is so brutal that sent it on you and you start wondering what is wrong with you and why YOU, and then the circle of self- doubt and fear begins…

BUT NO! that’s the wrong thinking!

mente salud


Stop blaming the outside world for your ‘fate’. That outer world is just the mirror of your inner world. The only creator of your life and cause of your diseases is YOU. The same, your outer body describes the situation inside you! It is easy and also forgotten by most of us. So…everything begins in your brain. It is precisely connected with every cell in your body. and its just the self’s reaction for particular situations in life that create diseases. NEVER EVER the outside conditions influent your health, it is just your reaction for the situation that can create a shock, subconsciously. So you struggle with a conflict inside you which you have to solve on a psychic ground. When the conflict is solved then the healing process starts. And this is the moment when half of most diseases starts! So actually the word disease has totally been misunderstood and the weight of this word is extremely overloaded.

DISEASE IS YOUR FRIEND sent by Mother Nature which help to reveal your current state of consciousness and is part of your body’s healing.

Trust me or not, we are multidimensional creatures and as a human beings we have such a powerful and strong tool which is our body we live in. It is so intelligent and self-sufficient that we don’t need the conventional medicine to help us. More over, the traditional medicine is useless and even harmful for us! They just try to destroy the symptoms of our disease, trying to disguise them and in the same time they disturb a super important period of body’s healing and recovery!!!!!!! That cause that the root of the problem is still there, waiting for solving and we will be content just for a little moment until the symptoms come back again because the so called root wasn’t eradicated.


It is like in the picture above. Let’s say the fruits are contaminated because the roots are contaminated. So the conventional medicine would just cut off those fruits to ‘heal’ the tree. But in the blink of the eye, the new fruits will grow, contaminated in exactly the same way. What will happen when you start taking are of the root, maybe change the soil etc.? The whole growing process will change because the conditions changed and the tree and its fruits appear different and tasty.

INVISIBLE change the VISIBLE! This metaphor means – maybe it is time to change your thinking about sth, change your beliefs systems and observe the new results, positive changes in your life.

Every organ is connected to different part of your nervous system and every organ reacts differently regarding what kind of conflict you currently experience.

So for instant if it is a conflict related to the lack of self-confident the symptoms will appear in particular area of your body, different than in case of e.g. conflict of the fear of death.

So every psychic conflict has their centre in different part of the brain which control particular cells, tissues, organs in the body.  It is up to you how you react on various situations in life, it is up to you how you individually judge the conflict situation.

All of these conclusions are coming from German Medicine called originally “German Heilkunde”, discovered by Dr. R. Hamer. He was diagnosed for testicular cancer after his son’s death and this pushed him to find the connection between are mind body and soul and how this connection reveal in case of conflict. German Heilkunde is based strictly on the Laws of Nature.

TO BE CONTINUED…More about German New Medicine and biological conflicts in the next post

Hope you start rethinking,

Lots of Love!




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